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poems + essays 

anthology inclusions

"Arches", Mother Tongue Magazine 

"The Idea of Ancestry", Deseret Magazine

"Rio Cortez on Afropioneerism, Afrofrontierism, and Family Histories Real or Imagined", Literary Hub

"Covered Wagon As Spaceship" & "Eden", Adroit Journal

"Black Frasier Crane", The New Yorker

"Ars Poetica with Mother and Dogs", The Atlantic


"Black Lead in a Nancy Meyers Film",

"I Learn to Shoot a Bow", The Atlantic


"Driving at Night",

"I Want to Talk About Being Black and Pregnant", Mother Mag

"UFO, For Instance", Poetry Society of America

"Visiting Whitney Plantation", Buzzfeed

"I Have Learned to Define a Field as a Space Between Mountains", 

Jai-Alai Magazine  (PDF)

Annotated version of "Black Annie Hall", The Miami Rail


"Bellum", The Offing


"To Salt Lake, Letter Regarding Geneology", The Offing


"North Node", Cortland Review


"Self Portrait in a Tanning Bed", Poet's House Emerging Fellows Archive


"Havana Ghazal", Huizache (PDF)


"I'm Forced to Imagine There Are Two of Me Here", Huizache, (PDF)


"Black Annie Hall", Prairie Schooner (PDF)


"Carrion", Prairie Schooner (PDF)


"It's Like That Scene in Annie Hall Where Annie Leaves Her Body",

Sugar House Review,  Sampled online (PDF)


"Salt Lake", Sugar House Review (PDF)

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