poems & essays 

"I Want to Talk About Being Black and Pregnant"Mother Mag

"UFO, For Instance", Poetry Society of America

"Visiting Whitney Plantation", Buzzfeed

"I Have Learned to Define a Field as a Space Between Mountains", 

Jai-Alai Magazine #2 (PDF)

"Writing Lately", Jai-Alai Magazine #2 (PDF)

"Like a Suggestion", Jai-Alai Magazine #2 (PDF)

Annotated version of "Black Annie Hall", The Miami Rail


"Bellum"The Offing


"To Salt Lake, Letter Regarding Geneology", The Offing


"North Node", Cortland Review, Issue 68


"Self Portrait in a Tanning Bed", Poet's House Emerging Fellows Archive


"Havana Ghazal", Huizache, #4 (PDF)


"I'm Forced to Imagine There Are Two of Me Here", Huizache, #4 (PDF)


"Black Annie Hall", Prairie Schooner, Spring 2014 (PDF)


"Carrion", Prairie Schooner, Spring 2014 (PDF)


"It's Like That Scene in Annie Hall Where Annie Leaves Her Body",

in Sugar House Review, Vol. 6, Sampled online (PDF)


"Salt Lake", Sugar House Review, Vol. 6 (PDF)

Audio + text


"Grenade Pin", Tuesday: An Art Project, Issue 5.2

(Nominated for 2012 Pushcart Prize)

Video here.


"Bayuk", Saul Williams' Chorus: A Literary Mixtape


"Bad Machine", Clementine Magazine, #4


"Trip for a While", Clementine Magazine, #4


"Darius", JDB Records


"Work Song of the Ballad-Hunter", JDB Records


"The Big Screen", JDB Records 


"Rot", Tidal Basin Review, Summer 2011 (PDF)


"Questions of the Last Relative Slave", Tidal Basin Review,

                                                                      Summer 2011 (PDF)


anthology inclusions


Reader's Guide for How Not to Be Wrong


Reader's Guide for The Family


Reader's Guide for Ten Things I've Learnt About Love


Reader's Guide for Em & the Big Hoom


Reader's Guide for The Mystery of Mercy Close


Reader's Guide for A Working Theory of Love


Reader's Guide for Necromancer's House